Wednesday July 17, 2024

The Dangers of the Nursing Profession

We love our nurses.We admire their compassion and are grateful for the sacrifices they make to ensure that when we become patients, they’re there to keeps us safe and healthy.That said, the nursing industry as a whole is ranked in the top five of the riskiest professions.A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder says […]

Finding (or Posting) Short-Term Hospital SLP Jobs on

To post hospital SLP jobs to be done on a short-term basis without having to worry about the extra expense or costs of hiring someone full or part-time.

How to Handle Career Related Issues

When you are at work you have several issues to handle. How you handle these issues differentiates how you move ahead in your career. You have to remember that there are no shortcuts that can lead you to success. You have to handle these problems with care and honesty so that you achieve success and […]