Monday June 24, 2024

Is Workplace Bullying on the Rise?

Is it possible more bosses and co-workers are becoming bullies?  Maybe, says founder A. Harrison Barnes.  Recently, along with the massive egg recall that’s affected most states, another story came through; this time, it included the “sweat shop” attitude on one Iowa farm where many of the eggs came from (more than 300 million).  […]

Is There a Place for Legal Nurses in the Legal Sector?

Lawyers have always counted on the expert testimony of medical professionals.  From coroners, psychiatrists and physicians, there is a definitive place for the medical professional in a courtroom.  A new trend, however, is taking a new slant on combining the importance of testimony from experts.  Legal nurse consultants are in demand these days. We asked […]

Legal Jobs: How Can I Get One?

Law schools and colleges are churning fresh graduates every year and they are looking for legal jobs. A Harrison Barnes’ web site is here to help with a vast database comprising more than 7,50,000 LegalAuthority legal job opportunities allowing legal job seekers access to the legal companies, colleges, universities, law firms, companies and corporations. […]