Monday May 27, 2024

When the Boss Asks Too Much

During my time early on, I worked as an executive assistant in my home state’s two largest employers. Both bosses in both companies were vice presidents and as such, my responsibilities run the gamut. I learned a lot about life and career related wisdom. In fact, one boss sat down with me for four hours […]

Paying Off Student Loans

All those midnight study sessions, sacrifices made and classes that you were sure would be responsible for your undoing are all finally behind you now.  Diploma in hand, job offer on your mind and the future at your doorstep, you’re ready to begin this new chapter in your life.  Only thing keeping you awake at […]

Is Workplace Bullying on the Rise?

Is it possible more bosses and co-workers are becoming bullies?  Maybe, says founder A. Harrison Barnes.  Recently, along with the massive egg recall that’s affected most states, another story came through; this time, it included the “sweat shop” attitude on one Iowa farm where many of the eggs came from (more than 300 million).  […]

The Dangers of the Nursing Profession

We love our nurses.We admire their compassion and are grateful for the sacrifices they make to ensure that when we become patients, they’re there to keeps us safe and healthy.That said, the nursing industry as a whole is ranked in the top five of the riskiest professions.A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder says […]

Improve Your Work Day

Not everyone has the luxury of working from home, even if it appears the trend is on the rise. The vast majority of Americans are still hitting the carpool lanes and walking past the anything but pleasant receptionist each morning. They’re also still dealing with the frustrations, the weird IT gal on the third floor […]