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We love our nurses.We admire their compassion and are grateful for the sacrifices they make to ensure that when we become patients, they’re there to keeps us safe and healthy.That said, the nursing industry as a whole is ranked in the top five of the riskiest professions.A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder says those risks might include back strains, needle sticks, sprains and even depression.

As more men and women are entering the nursing profession, Barnes says it’s important to keep in mind that you’re human – and those risks can quickly take you from the role of caregiver to the role of patient.If you’re a seasoned professional or have just completed your nursing program and are now searching for the right position, keep in mind a few things that will keep you safe so you can keep us safe!

The founder says that the profession as a whole loses a high percentage of its professionals each year due to injuries and often, the injuries are the same ones they’ve recently recovered from, such as back strains.”For many nurses, and after years of loyal service, they discover they’ve sprained their backs or ankles so many times over the years that it’s just no feasible for them to continue in the role they so thoroughly enjoy”.One director of nursing for a New Orleans area hospital says she teaches her nurses to take those same precautions they tell their patients.She also strongly encourages those nurses to not “keep on keeping on” when they’ve been injured, even slightly.Instead, she says her policy is to give even the most insignificant on the job injuries the proper attention.”I know how dedicated my team is and each plays an integral role in my organization; it’s important to me that they are at the top of their game – both for their patients and themselves”.

Every nursing student learns the importance of good shoes.”This is a top priority as far as I’m concerned”, said one Texas registered nurse.”It’s the most important tool a nurse incorporates”.A. Harrison Barnes agrees.”Nurses make a lot of sacrifices through the course of their careers, but their health shouldn’t be one of them.Regardless of whether it’s the best stethoscope or the best shoes, there are no medical facilities, doctors offices or hospitals anywhere that wouldn’t want that for their personnel”.

Finally, many nurses have the opportunity to change specialties.After spending time as an ER nurse, some will opt for the medical facility’s radiology department or even labor and delivery.Most nurses around the country can attest to the importance of staying in shape.Many say it’s about far more than just keeping their figures, it’s the perfect solution for work related stress, especially for those who deal with the tragic side of human nature.

Bottom line, the nursing profession is one of the most important in our society.As uncertainties loom in terms of the country’s health care situation, our nurses are the ones who consistently step up to the plate, regardless of the political waters they’re surrounded by.For that, and many more reasons, it’s important we not forget the importance of these men and women in our sometimes daily lives.

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