Tuesday June 25, 2024

Law Careers- How to Succeed in Law

A total of 7 years of Undergraduate studies and law school, you land up as an associate in a mega law firm which is your first job in your career. This is the time when action will speak paying all your hard work a fruitful outcome. The education which you receive in your college strengthens […]

Law Profession: How Important are Law School Grades

Grades influence the hiring decisions in law firms. Institutions primarily decide the grades as also the different levels in the law schools. The levels are a junior associate or a student of law, mid level to senior attorney and then to a partner. A. Harrison Barnes, the creator and the owner of EmploymentCrossing.com suggests that […]

Changing Your Legal Job

The job market today is extremely dynamic. People are switching from one job to another quite frequently. While there are many factors behind it, one major factor can be the volatility of the job market. Insecurity in the jobs had led the people to change their jobs frequently. An associate or attorney must consider important […]