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When you are at work you have several issues to handle. How you handle these issues differentiates how you move ahead in your career. You have to remember that there are no shortcuts that can lead you to success. You have to handle these problems with care and honesty so that you achieve success and move in the direction you have set for yourself. The general tendency of an average individual is to find a bypass route by which they can avoid the situation without having to confront them with honesty and finality. In effect, all they are doing is putting the problem in “pending” mode. Creating a bubble of uncertainty, such individuals will forever avoid confrontation and thereby any sense of satisfaction with respect to their career.

One of the golden rules you need to observe throughout your career is to ensure that what you do does not affect anyone else in a negative manner. Basically, what you do shouldn’t rub out the wrong vibes in the people around you. One needs to keep a check on one’s ambition in such a way that your colleagues do not have to pay the cost. Committing any kind of fraud or damage to anyone for short-term gains is actually childish and will take you only so far. According to A. Harrison Barnes, an experienced person who has created his own job search engine, Employment, to help people get deserving jobs, says that such methods may give you short term gains but these will remain only “short term gains”. These actions or deeds will never deliver long term goals. You will never be satisfied by performing such tasks.

The people engaging in such tactics fail to gain the respect or trust of their colleagues or anybody surrounding them. Such degrading acts strip an individual of his/her honor and dignity. Their unethical strategies eventually play against them by isolating them from others. They get nothing but a bad eye from the other men around them says A. Harrison Barnes. These people should understand that if they wish for long term success and a meaningful and respectable life then they have to work as others do. Though this is a time-consuming process to gain success, this method guarantees you longstanding gains both in your career and your life. You have to learn to work hard rather than implementing devious plots to meet your petty ends. Your hard work will reward you with a meaningful life as a bonus to a profitable and satisfying career. You will be able to recount the path you took with pride. Your reputation and your self-respect are your biggest assets.

You have to understand the importance of self respect. You will even lose your self-respect which is the key to all success. A. Harrison Barnes says that if you learn to respect yourself, you will be respected by others. You have to make your career and your life by doing the right things at the right time and avoiding the short cuts, which could lead you into unnecessary trouble. This way you will find the correct way to a successful and happy career and life.

A. Harrison Barnes has been working for the past many years and thus has come across many people who are experts in scheming up fraudulent plots. He himself has experienced many such interactions with these kinds of men and women in society. He shares his one such experience with us. A couple of years back he got tangled in an ‘accident’ that never occurred. He had bought a Land Cruiser and thus had taken a few of his coworkers for a drive after office hours. When he, along with his coworkers, was passing through downtown Los Angeles, the car before them came to a sudden halt.

A. Harrison Barnes was successful to stop the car at certain distance from the car in front. But the African American woman who came out of the car claimed she could establish that he had hit her car. Nothing occurred as such but she was not ready to accept. In fact she even called the police and thus the small incident was converted to A. Huge issue. At the end of the day, his insurance company had to pay her a good amount of money to settle the matter out of court. They had to do it because she was a California Highway Patrolwoman and had threatened to file a convincing suite in a court of law.

This was a very bad experience that A. Harrison Barnes had faced. He understood that the lady had woven a wicked tale to make her own petty gains, but he knows that such schemes would not give her longstanding success. Through her petty gains, she lost too much. She had lost her dignity and respect before the people who had witnessed her deeds. Thus he suggests you to take the longer way to success; it will guarantee you with all the happiness that you have wished for yourself and your family.

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