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Students these days are becoming more and more independent. They no longer wait for completing their school or college before joining their first job. It might not always be easy for the high school students to get jobs in offices for unlike the adults they are incapable of balancing between extracurricular activities, work, school and friends.

Factors to be kept in mind to strike a balance

A. Harrison Barnes owner of popular job site has referred to several points which if taken care of, will enable the students to strike a balance between their work and studies. You can try out the part time jobs that are available in the job market. Always let your teachers know about the part time jobs that you have joined. Apart from the fact that it is your basic duty, once your teachers come to know of your first job you can also expect a differential treatment.

Once you are into a part time job, you may have to devote about 20 to 25 hours in a week. Make sure however that you are limiting your time to 25 hours every week. Do not overburden yourself and do not neglect your studies. Also make sure to take some time out for fun and leisure with your friends. If you overburden yourself, it will be difficult for you to concentrate on your studies. School life has a different charm of its own. Do not grow up so fast that you don’t even get the time to notice when your school life has ended, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Complete your assignments in time so that you do not have to rush through your text book just before the semester exams. Your major projects, class assignments and home work must be completed in advance. Keep a back-up copy of your assignments so that you can retain their reports later. When you get a print out make sure that they are saved properly.

Most of the part time jobs try to accommodate students after school hours. If you find the working hours too odd, try and negotiate the time with your manager and ask for a time schedule that suits you, says A. Harrison Barnes. If you overwork, it might be difficult for you to attend school the next day. You might feel sleepy when the class is in progress. You should have full vigor and vitality while attending school.

Types of Jobs suitable to students

Since every job look for specialized skills, make sure that you are opting for the job that suits your skills correctly. Before applying for jobs get yourself a resume. The resume should contain all necessary details about your qualification. You must ensure that your curriculum has a professional touch so that a recruiter finds it attractive, says A. Harrison Barnes. Some of the common jobs that high school students can try out suggested by A. Harrison Barnes are as follows:

High school students can look for jobs in the retail shops. Retail chains like Target, Walmart and Macy’s provide opportunity to the students to work. Even the small stores look out for school students to work in their shops. Babysitting is another interesting option that the high school students can try out; it is probably the easiest way to earn money. Babysitting jobs provide the students with enough flexibility, which will allow you to devote sufficient time to your studies and school works. You can also work in food joints like Domino’s, Burger King and Subway to earn some extra money. You can easily get to know about these job openings from the newspapers. Or you can approach them directly. If you are more academically-oriented, you can give tuitions to younger students. You need not restrict yourself to giving academic tuitions only; if you are good at sports you can also give sports coaching. Earning money by playing games is one of the best possible ways of making some extra money.

If you have already decided on your career, you can join as an office assistant. Working as an assistant also helps you to gain a first-hand experience in the corporate world. As an office assistant you need to carry out simple jobs like attending a phone call or doing clerical jobs. Though it is usually not very easy to get hold of an assistant job, but if you get one you will get a lot of exposure and gain valuable early experience for your future career through simple responsibilities.

There are also summer jobs for the high school students, says A. Harrison Barnes. If you feel that you are unable to strike balance between your job and school work, summer job is the best option for you. You can work as a lifeguard or camp assistant at summer camps for kids. This will enable you to earn some extra money. It will also be a good learning experience for you. The summer jobs do not affect your school works in any way.

Overall it can be said that working as a student gives a lot of valuable exposure and experience to teenagers and youngsters which proves to be invaluable in their later lives and careers.

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