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Losing a job is not an acceptable thing by anyone. This is a real shock for every person who has suffered the trauma of being unemployed. However, if you have recently lost your job, don’t get upset as it is not the end of the world. Be positive and prepare yourself for the next step. You cannot sit back and feel bad about the situation rather you have to learn from the situation and move ahead with a right frame of mind. This doesn’t mean that you have to suppress your emotions. It is suggested to allow your emotions to come out but in a safe environment or else it may damage your reputation.

A Harrison Barnes suggests you to be calm in such a situation. At least for the first three days take time to understand and accept the thing so that it helps you to gain energy that you can spend searching for a new job. These three days are very important for you. Your reaction in these three days will determine how easily or with difficult you look for a new job in the near future. This is why it is suggested that you should accept whatever has happened to you and move on. This will be good both for your career and for your life in the future. Prepare yourself mentally to overcome the situation and move ahead with a positive state of mind. This is the best you can do to help yourself.

Unless you are completely mentally prepared do not get in touch with any search engine or talk to any of your network contact to look for a new job or fill any application in response to any advertisement that you see. Remember that you need some time to cope with the situation. It is not possible for anyone to speak about the job loss instantly so take your time and then take a step ahead. This is what A Harrison Barnes suggests to every person who is dealing with this condition.

Always remember that searching for a job is a very organized process. You cannot do it with disturbed mind. A Harrison Barnes speaks with his experience that you need to be completely focused on what you are doing. Looking for a new job is a job and thus you need full dedication for performing well and getting good and suitable results. If you are successful in doing it then you are definitely doing the best for your career and your future life but if you cannot perform according to the demand then you will surely spoil your chances for a better future.

But never ignore your feelings. It is something that will again show up any time in the future. If you do not let your feelings come out then it is you who will suffer. If in the near future you are sitting for an interview and the interviewer asks you to say something about your previous employer, then you may end up using inappropriate language before the interviewer. This will create an unacceptable image of yours before the interviewer. He or she will believe that you may even speak ill about them in the future. Thus A Harrison Barnes asks you to allow your emotions to come out and in a way help yourself to overcome the conditions.

A Harrison Barnes, the owner of, is in the recruiting business past many years. He has seen many people losing their jobs and thus has always advised every person to deal with the situation with confidence and not let your emotions control you. He believes that losing a job is not the end; rather consider it as a new beginning and take step forward. Try to think it as a chance to try something new. This is the time when you can make the best decisions. Get an advice or a suggestion or an idea from an expert and do what you think is the best for you.

In your life you will face many situations that will break your confidence and take you towards depression. At these situations you have to learn to deal with them and not allow the situation to control you. It is you who will decide how to deal with such a situation. Do you want to let these things control you or you want to control the thing as you want. Decision is all in your hands says A Harrison Barnes.

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