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The recession has forced many changes in the American workforce. Layoffs, cutbacks on everything from hours worked to salaries to office supply budgets are the new norm. Unfortunately, those of us who still have jobs are discovering we must do more with less during our work days. What three people usually do are sometimes now being done by one person. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of, says, “It’s the way of doing business. Until the recession shifts and the employment numbers begin to rise again, it’s simply part of the way things are done.

Indeed, a recent poll suggests 32 percent of us say our job responsibilities have increased in the past eighteen months. Coined as “employment survivors”, many are reporting burnout and exhaustion. Because everyone is viewing their job as crucial, especially when they’re watched one coworker after another receive the proverbial pink slip, the obligation to move forward feels burdensome. To complain might result in their own pink slips. But is it the only option? One look at the breaking news emails we all receive on a daily basis tells us we are each cornered; however, that’s not necessarily true.

While many of us are grateful for a job at all, there are those who feel overwhelmed and are quietly seeking new career opportunities. has seen an increase in both currently employed people looking for less stressful jobs as well as those underemployed who need the full time positions that offer better salaries and health benefits. And the results? Many have found the ideal positions that’s both challenging without being overwhelming and with salaries that don’t require a second job. A. Harrison Barnes says that was the goal all along when developing the concept. By approaching it from a position of no distractions, including ads and gearing it towards both the employers and job seekers presents a powerful combination for the employment sector as a whole.

Jobs, while still too few, are out there. It’s a matter of knowing where to look and which tools to incorporate in the job hunt. The resume service offered by Barnes’ team of experts is another tool many have discovered that gives them an edge over the competition. Many of us tend to be tunnel visioned when reviewing our resumes and a fresh pair of eyes is often the difference in an acceptable resume and an outstanding resume. It makes no difference if you’re looking for office jobs, nursing jobs or government jobs – your resume is a powerful tool in putting you ahead of the pack.

While we will all be doing more with less in the foreseeable future, there’s no reason it has to be overwhelming and lead to a dead end. There are exception job opportunities available as evidenced by the current real time jobs found on Ready to take it to the next level? Take a tour of the site and see the difference makes. You might find what you’ve been looking for all along.

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