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It might very difficult to gat yourself a job in this competitive market scenario especially if you do not have any previous working experience. Internship may be a good way that might help you to gat into your desired job. The university students, students who are fresh graduates or those who are considering bringing about changes in their career can benefit from internships. The recruiters find it profitable to engage interns with negligible or little experience at a very little compensation.

Internships if completed during the college years enable the students to choose from wide range of career options. A. Harrison Barnes, the expert says that Internships also help the students to develop their self confidence, modify their skills and abilities and prepare themselves for their first job.

In the age of globalization, the fresh graduates or the university students gets a chance to come in contact with the international culture and business. The multi cultured, self confidant and worldly individuals are the hot favorites of the recruiters all over the world. Once the internship is completed successfully you can achieve new heights in your career. The interns not only gain practical working knowledge but also come in close contact with the international forums.

If you have the dream of conducting business world wide, internship provides you with the opportunity to come in contact with the business managers, peers and executives of different companies. A. Harrison Barnes says that your chance of networking multiplies with internships. References of the industry level definitely take your application to a new level. Keeping in touch with the industry people can only yield fruitful results. You might just land up with a job and develop further contacts for the future.

It might be shocking says A. Harrison Barnes, but the fact is that more than 80% of the jobs available in the market are never advertised. Internships can be very helpful for acquiring field knowledge, providing you with job openings and professional connections. You can always keep in touch with your interns and enquire about your job responsibilities and expand your business contacts and networks for future prospects.

Internships provide with several advantages. A fresh graduate, university student, or a person who is trying to change his professional career, during his internship, comes to know a lot about the career field that he has chosen. Internship is considered to be the pinnacle of an individual’s undergraduate education. The class room education can be applied to the real life settings. This is the best possible way you can test your abilities and apply them to your related field. Internships help you to develop specialized knowledge in a particular field. As an intern, you can test your skills, abilities, attributes, values and examine organizational cultures.

With the help of internships, the students become more organized and disciplined in their lives. Their communication skills, thinking skills re improved, that enables them to take quick decisions says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of These skills help the students to make logical decisions at no time. Internships benefit not only the students, but also the employers. The interns during their internship are so trained that they can reach the pinnacle of success in any industry or organization.

There are a large number of non profit organization, institution and associations that provides internships. A. Harrison Barnes says that it is very important to identify what the employer is seeking while making recruitments.  The recruiters manly look for the following qualities:

Motivation, inspiration

Leadership qualities

Oral and written communication skills

Work experience

Interpersonal skills

Harrison Barnes says that most of the employees lack these qualities. During the internship period, care should be that the interns are constantly monitored, competent enough to solve problems easily and communicate efficiently. The interns must also be trained to make effective use of technology and media.

A study was conducted over 270 colleges in United States. The 350 students included in the study were required to undertake career development programs where they learned about the ways in which interviews are supposed to be conducted and the ways in which one’s career can be improved. The results, though not disappointing, lacked problem solving ability, the ability to think critically and computer knowledge. The students had very good interpersonal and communicative skills. The case study revealed that they further improve on their skills with the help of internship programs" rel="nofollow. The students who participated in these programs were much superior in comparison to the other graduates who did not undergo the internship programs.

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