Monday May 27, 2024

Choose Your References Wisely

Ever wondered how many candidates miss out on a job opportunity because their references provided less than stellar information? One research firm conducted more than 1,000 telephone interviews with senior managers of companies that employed at least twenty people and the results of those interviews revealed 20% of candidates are disqualified due to a reference […]

Is There a Place for Legal Nurses in the Legal Sector?

Lawyers have always counted on the expert testimony of medical professionals.  From coroners, psychiatrists and physicians, there is a definitive place for the medical professional in a courtroom.  A new trend, however, is taking a new slant on combining the importance of testimony from experts.  Legal nurse consultants are in demand these days. We asked […]

The Legalities of Oil

The current crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is shaping up to become one of the most costly, but more importantly, one of the most devastating events in our lifetimes.  Those of us who live along the Gulf of Mexico are struggling to make sense of how things could have gotten so bad so fast.  […]

When You’re Defending Those No One Believes

You paid your dues, worked hard in law school and came out near the top of your class.  You’re anything but jaded, ready to take on your first client, right?  If you’ve gone into criminal law, as prepared as you are, there are those cases that leave you scratching your head and wondering why you […]

Scheduling Makes Work at Home Easier

There are a number of people out there who do not realize the importance of creating a daily schedule, especially when working from home. As you may already know, there are tons of work-at-home jobs and careers to choose from. But regardless of what it is that you do, there is still work to be […]

Job Searches that Work

Are you someone who is interested in moving forward with your employment search and you are not sure where to go? Do you need to think about how your job and career prospects are moving and how you are going to need to move with them? Jobs are something that many people think about and […]

Legal Jobs: How Can I Get One?

Law schools and colleges are churning fresh graduates every year and they are looking for legal jobs. A Harrison Barnes’ web site is here to help with a vast database comprising more than 7,50,000 LegalAuthority legal job opportunities allowing legal job seekers access to the legal companies, colleges, universities, law firms, companies and corporations. […]

Law Profession: How Important are Law School Grades

Grades influence the hiring decisions in law firms. Institutions primarily decide the grades as also the different levels in the law schools. The levels are a junior associate or a student of law, mid level to senior attorney and then to a partner. A. Harrison Barnes, the creator and the owner of suggests that […]

Addressing Workplace Blues

We live in stressful times. It seems like there is never enough time or money to get through the week. In fact, in our current economic climate you are considered lucky if you have a job at all. However, simply having steady employment does not mean that you are happy in your circumstances. In fact, […]

Why You Need a Career Mentor

re you someone who is looking for a job that will suit you, or do you know what job you want but find that you do not know how to break in? The truth of the matter is that there are plenty of fields out there that you are not going to be able to […]