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We live in stressful times. It seems like there is never enough time or money to get through the week. In fact, in our current economic climate you are considered lucky if you have a job at all. However, simply having steady employment does not mean that you are happy in your circumstances. In fact, studies have shown that workplace stress has drastically increased. Suddenly, Monday morning is harder to face and Friday seems too far away. Why is this?

All of the external stress may be taking a toll on you, but you also need to spend some time thinking about your actual job. You must think about all of the aspects of your employment. Are you satisfied with your actual responsibilities? How are your interpersonal relationships in the office? What is the climate of your office? The first step towards taking care of the workplace blues is to determine what exactly is making you blue.

The best thing for you to do is to increase your awareness of when your stress level starts to rise. Try to take note of when your attitude starts to shift from happy to sad. You must first recognize that shift in your emotional state. Be sure to check in with yourself both mentally and physically throughout the day. Often stress can manifest in your body so you will want to pay attention to persistent aches and pains thorough out your work day.

Once you have recognized what on the job stress feels like you need to pinpoint the cause of the stress. Spend some time determining whether the stressors are things that are within your control or if they are out of your control. It may help you to actually keep a written record of the things that stress you out. This will help you to realize what you have the power to change versus what you have to learn to adapt to.

Once you have discovered the root of your stress you need to discover some tactics that will help you to deal with it. Under no circumstances do you want your employment to be at risk. Developing coping techniques is what you must do to protect yourself and your financial stability. One of the best ways that you can take care of those stressors that are out of your control is to simply choose your attitude. Decide that you are not going to let them throw you, and instead you are going to deal with them in a positive and productive manner. It may sound simple, but by deciding your mood you are taking some of the control back into your own hands.

For on the job stress that are within your control try to incorporate some other coping methods. Often simply taking a deep breath can help you to keep your calm. It is also okay for you to take a break from the situation. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed it is perfectly acceptable to leave your job for a couple of minutes to get a breath of fresh air.

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