Tuesday February 7, 2023

Things to Do While You Are an Intern

An internship is an arrangement between a company and you that mandates that you work for the organization or the company for a fixed span of time during which they will teach you the nuances of the job. Internship is a great way to get knowledge about the kind of work that the job entails […]

Re-looking at Your Career is Important

It is important to have a second thought while you are in your profession, and this may be for any reason. Whether you are faced with a professional challenge, or are going through a rediscovery state of mind, or are you just looking for some inspiration to get the grind going, taking a second look […]

How to Handle Career Related Issues

When you are at work you have several issues to handle. How you handle these issues differentiates how you move ahead in your career. You have to remember that there are no shortcuts that can lead you to success. You have to handle these problems with care and honesty so that you achieve success and […]

How Does an Internship Benefit the Career Ahead?

It might very difficult to gat yourself a job in this competitive market scenario especially if you do not have any previous working experience. Internship may be a good way that might help you to gat into your desired job. The university students, students who are fresh graduates or those who are considering bringing about […]

Career Change Tips and Advice

Building a career over years is becoming a rarity in the age of fast forwarded careers. Hardly a decade ago, any bright-eyed, freshly minted graduate had his options cut out for them. You either get into a management school, get into engineering school or med school and pray that you came out in one piece. […]

Medical Bills And Bankruptcies

A recent revealed that 60% of bankruptcies in this country are filed due to overwhelming medical bills. What’s incredible is that of those bankruptcies 75% of the filers have health insurance!  This revelation speaks volumes to those who insist the insurance industry needs no overhaul. Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School and Ohio University participated […]

Is The Job Market On The Rebound?

Reuters is reporting the American job market increased slightly in November 2009.  Government data reveals the lowest job cuts in nearly two years, since December 2007.  Does this mean we are finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel?  Maybe; but it also depends on who you ask.  While the government […]

Gracefully Asking For A Referral Letter

You finally decide to make that big career change, have become a member of the EmploymentCrossing.com network and are looking forward to a new and challenging job opportunity; then it occurs to you a referral letter or recommendation letter, as it’s sometimes called,  will go a long way in your new career search. How do […]

At A Cost Of 15%

Companies pay an estimated 15% to employees as sick time.  Up until recently, these same companies haven’t necessarily questioned employees on how often they really are sick and when these days are actually being used for other purposes.  Now that jobs have become scarce and companies are keeping a closer watch on the bottom line, […]

Everyone Needs to Start From Somewhere

Many people in the job market suffer from the same problem when looking to make a career change or the same problem of perspective at least. Trying to find a good job can be tough, particularly when you don’t have any experience. How are you supposed to find a job when all of the open […]