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Utah Construction – Tips on Finding a Job in Construction in Utah

Utah is one of the most unique states in the US. It is unique in the sense that the state has bountiful of nature’s gifts and at the same time, of a total population of just a little over 2.5 million people – 80% of which is concentrated around the salt lake region alone! That clearly shows the picture that rest of the state is quite sparsely populated. It is state in the western part of the US and has been naturally endowed with one of the driest places on earth (Arizona) on the south, the canyons of Colorado towards the east, Wyoming around the north-east and another desert – Nevada on the west! That makes Utah a state filled with nature’s paradoxes!

If you’re looking for a construction job in Utah, you’re in for a real treat because according to US statisticians, for more than half of the running decade, Utah was the fastest growing state in the country! And the major pull in the state came from St. George again in Utah which witnessed a stupendous growth for almost 5 years in a row! Having already mentioned that Salt Lake region has more than 80% of the total population of the state, Utah has been witnessing a huge investment in infrastructure development. That means, there is a general emphasis on construction jobs in Utah – quite naturally, there is a recruitment overdrive in the construction sector in the state.

Infrastructure Boom

The state has of recent from the past decade witnessed a huge investment and has become a hub of transportation, R&D work and Information Technology related services. Tourism also contributes to the income of the state. Interestingly, it was the income from tourism that was used for further development of the region, which was otherwise sparsely inhabited! After profits from construction businesses, the money rolled and today, Salt Lake City is one of the priciest urban conglomerates in the US! Toady, the median income of the state is almost touching the $60,000 figure!

Scandinavian influence is seen quite a lot in the state of Utah, thanks to the 17% of the Scandinavian speakers. Thus, the architecture often has a touch of Scandinavian styles. Mining and petroleum refining also has a huge impact on the income of the state making it one of rich states in the US; the source of income in the state just seems to be unending as people make money from mining, refining, tourism, business and of course construction jobs! No wonder, it is major draw fro young and fresh minds who want a piece of the construction business in Utah.

Utah has an uninterrupted road and transport network and thus the road construction in the state has developed quite a bit. Utah which was almost an uninhabited region in the past century has quite a lot to offer in terms of money and natural beauty. Thankfully, the Governors realized this and capitalized on the same. If you’re looking for a satisfying job in construction, look no beyond!

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Legal Secretary Jobs – How to Get a Job as a Legal Secretary

Are you interested in the legal jobs? If you are young and love to face challenges then you are fit for this kind of a job. You have a wide range of options in choosing a career field these days. Some people tend to get confused about which one to choose.

You must always choose a field in which you have enough interest. If you choose the legal profession then you will have to choose the kind of legal job suitable for you. There are various branches present in this profession.

One of the popular jobs present in this field is the legal secretary jobs. The legal secretary is an important person in this profession and he is usually responsible for all the clerical duties present in any law firm.

If you are interested in the legal secretary careers then you need to spend a lot of time in the office answering emails as well as phone calls. Other than this, the secretary has to prepare court documents, maintain a law library, type as well as fill the documents, schedule appointments and even field the questions from the clients.

These people are also known as the legal assistants and the legal assistant jobs are very much in demand these days. If you want to enter into this field you must be ready for a good competition.

With these legal assistants the lawyers cannot perform any work. They can easily be called the right hand of the lawyers and the attorneys. Before you enter into this field you must also get a good picture of the kind of duties you need to take up.

If you go through a proper legal secretary job description you will be able to get a clear picture of this profession. The legal secretary jobs are available in various places. You will get good opportunities in the private law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, financial institutions and so on.

But you need to work hard if you want to get the job as a legal secretary. To become a legal secretary you need to complete your high school with good marks. You usually do not need a college degree to enter into this field.

But if you can involve yourself in some business related course or secretarial course during the high school, you will surely have an edge over the other applicants. Other than this, you can also get some keyboarding and word-processing skills because you need to work on the documents.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the legal documents. For this the best place is the library present near your house. If you get some knowledge about legal documents it will help you during the legal secretary jobs interview.

Make sure you communication skill is good. You need to interact with a lot of people. legal secretary job search has become easy because of the internet. Always try to go for internships because this way you can improve your skills as a legal secretary.

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When the Boss Asks Too Much

During my time early on, I worked as an executive assistant in my home state’s two largest employers. Both bosses in both companies were vice presidents and as such, my responsibilities run the gamut. I learned a lot about life and career related wisdom. In fact, one boss sat down with me for four hours one afternoon when I was twenty-one and explained how my retirement plan worked and how important it was to get an early start. Turns out, I learned more in those four hours with this patient and educated man than I had in all my years in school. For that, I’m quite grateful; and as A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder says, “You never know when a golden opportunity presents itself, but you’d better be ready to identify it”.

It’s what a manager did, however, that caused me to lose sleep for weeks. This manager also reported to this same vice president. They both had a passion for earning money and golf. Unfortunately, the manager also had a mistress. Knowing the VP would not tolerate lies in an effort to cover his tracks, this manager knew not to approach him in search of an alibi. He assumed I was low enough on the food chain that I’d go along with whatever he needed me to say, should the time ever arrive.

Needless to say, I had a huge problem with this. I could have easily gone to the VP and put an end to it instantly, but I figured there’d be nothing I could do to this manager that he wouldn’t eventually do to himself, so putting on the VP’s shoulders wasn’t something I wanted to do. I didn’t want to lie to his wife – I didn’t even want to have to speak to her. I was being pulled into something I really knew nothing about and that was frankly, well, none of my business. That left me with confronting the manager and telling him he’d misjudged me if he thought I’d cover the proverbial bases. I knew that wouldn’t be pleasant, but after considering the alternatives, it was something I knew I’d have to do. The one thing I kept coming back to was, “What if I have to work for him someday instead of working with him?”

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided that my biggest worry (having to report to him someday) wasn’t likely. Anyone who had ethics such as those wouldn’t likely see a corner office in the near future and even if he did and even if he was who I answered to, I always had the option of transferring out or worse case scenario, changing employers altogether, which, according to A. Harrison Barnes, is what happens in many of these cases. Then, I decided that it was time to let him know that I might’ve been low on the food chain as far as he was concerned, but that when it came right down to it, I didn’t like cheating husbands and if he was smart, he’d pick someone else to cover him. In a rare assertive moment for a 21 year old girl, I said, “You know, if you knew anything at all about me, you’d know I love nothing more than to right the wrongs of the world”. Of course, at that age, what did I know about righting any wrongs? Still, I was assertive enough that it convinced him to back off. In the end, says the founder, we all have to make those tough calls when it comes to ethics in the workplace. I can tell you I slept better that night than I had in all week. For me, that was all I needed to know.

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Paying Off Student Loans

All those midnight study sessions, sacrifices made and classes that you were sure would be responsible for your undoing are all finally behind you now.  Diploma in hand, job offer on your mind and the future at your doorstep, you’re ready to begin this new chapter in your life.  Only thing keeping you awake at night are those pesky student loans.  Your priority is to get them paid off so that you can begin saving for a home and hopefully, what will be the money you’ll use to put your own children through college someday.  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder has a few ideas for making your student loans a thing of the past.  “First”, he recommends, “it’s important you keep detailed records – that means cancelled checks, the Excel spreadsheet you created to keep you on track, people you’ve spoken to over the years and any other paperwork”.

After you’ve got your mind and paperwork organized, it’s important to really spend some time understanding the details of your loan.  For instance, is it a federal loan or a personal loan?  Also, Barnes, who is also an attorney, says to keep your eyes open for new laws.  Currently, Congress is considering an option that would allow certain loans to be eligible for bankruptcy.  That’s a bit into the future; however, it’s important to stay current.

If you’re struggling to maintain the monthly payments, the founder suggests you contact your lender.  There are payment options available, one of which is a graduated payment plan that allows your payments to stay in proportion to your income.  It’s always good to know you have options, but if you’re not taking advantage of them, you may be causing yourself a lot of sleepless nights.  Can’t cover any payments right now?  You may qualify for deferment.  Check with your lender.

Not being able to make your payments because you’re not earning what you expected is one thing; not being able to make your payments because you’re living beyond your means – whether it’s a new boat, new car or an apartment that’s too pricey – is another thing, says Barnes.  “Those luxury items will soon feel like major burdens if you’ve not acted responsibly in your decision making process”.  Before you buy anything after college, commit to paying those loans off first.  You’ll enjoy your material possessions a lot more if you do.

Finally, if you keep hitting brick walls, no matter what you’re doing (and what you’re not doing), ask for help!  Your local bank might be able to help with a consolidation loan (again, depending on your current loan type) and there are many assistance agencies available to help you help yourself as you begin life as an adult.  The point is to not allow your debt to overwhelm you.  With persistence and a commitment to yourself and your lender, you can put those student loans, complete with a “Paid in Full” stamp, into your past.

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Is Workplace Bullying on the Rise?

Is it possible more bosses and co-workers are becoming bullies?  Maybe, says founder A. Harrison Barnes.  Recently, along with the massive egg recall that’s affected most states, another story came through; this time, it included the “sweat shop” attitude on one Iowa farm where many of the eggs came from (more than 300 million).  The owner, Jack DeCoster, was labeled the “poster child of worker mistreatment” in an article written in 2006.  He’s been accused of paying poverty wages and forcing his workers to do unsanitary chores without the benefit of proper sinks, soap and running water and with the absence of gloves.  Everything from handling dead chickens to being forced to live in rat infested facilities are a few of the accusations being thrown at the Iowa farm owner.  A. Harrison Barnes says this is likely the tip of the iceberg.

Workplace bullying, also referred to as “psychological violence” , is indeed on the rise according to many psychologists.  One woman reported being bullied in her job to the point of having to take a leave of absence.  She reports being screamed at by her managers and co-workers; worse, no one would listen until she hired an attorney.   She’s not searching for a New Jobs yet, but she likely will, regardless of the outcome of the pending lawsuit in Washington state.

The founder says bullying is defined as anything that includes “acts or verbal comments that mentally hurt or isolate someone in the workplace”.  It might include physical contact and usually includes a pattern of repeated behaviors by the bully.  Experts say any of the following can be construed as workplace bullying:

  • Spreading rumors or gossip
  • Intimidation
  • Excluding or isolating the same co-worker time and again
  • Physical abusing a co-worker or threatening to do so
  • Stalking or spying on a co-worker
  • Yelling and cursing
  • Belittling one’s contributions
  • Hiding, damaging or altering one’s equipment need to perform his job

These are just a few of the many ways a workplace bully can make life hard.  And if you think the frustration is temporary, think again.  Many of the emotions felt by someone’s who’s been bullied are similar to those felt by an abused woman.  Anger, fear, loss of confidence, inability to sleep, loss of appetite, anxiety, tension, inability to concentrate and low self esteem are all common in those who’ve been the victim of the office bully.

Lawyers across the country are reporting higher incidents of workplace bullying, too.  Some firms in larger cities are reporting they now receive a couple calls a month, whereas in the past, they might go two years or more without ever hearing from a victim who’d been bullied on the job.   Clearly, this is easily to discern why so many more of us are so stressed on the job.  Pay cuts, layoffs, loss of perks and benefits – these are all enough to make us crazy, says Barnes.  The problem comes in when bullies allow themselves permission to take it out on their co-workers.

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The Dangers of the Nursing Profession

We love our nurses.We admire their compassion and are grateful for the sacrifices they make to ensure that when we become patients, they’re there to keeps us safe and healthy.That said, the nursing industry as a whole is ranked in the top five of the riskiest professions.A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder says those risks might include back strains, needle sticks, sprains and even depression.

As more men and women are entering the nursing profession, Barnes says it’s important to keep in mind that you’re human – and those risks can quickly take you from the role of caregiver to the role of patient.If you’re a seasoned professional or have just completed your nursing program and are now searching for the right position, keep in mind a few things that will keep you safe so you can keep us safe!

The founder says that the profession as a whole loses a high percentage of its professionals each year due to injuries and often, the injuries are the same ones they’ve recently recovered from, such as back strains.”For many nurses, and after years of loyal service, they discover they’ve sprained their backs or ankles so many times over the years that it’s just no feasible for them to continue in the role they so thoroughly enjoy”.One director of nursing for a New Orleans area hospital says she teaches her nurses to take those same precautions they tell their patients.She also strongly encourages those nurses to not “keep on keeping on” when they’ve been injured, even slightly.Instead, she says her policy is to give even the most insignificant on the job injuries the proper attention.”I know how dedicated my team is and each plays an integral role in my organization; it’s important to me that they are at the top of their game – both for their patients and themselves”.

Every nursing student learns the importance of good shoes.”This is a top priority as far as I’m concerned”, said one Texas registered nurse.”It’s the most important tool a nurse incorporates”.A. Harrison Barnes agrees.”Nurses make a lot of sacrifices through the course of their careers, but their health shouldn’t be one of them.Regardless of whether it’s the best stethoscope or the best shoes, there are no medical facilities, doctors offices or hospitals anywhere that wouldn’t want that for their personnel”.

Finally, many nurses have the opportunity to change specialties.After spending time as an ER nurse, some will opt for the medical facility’s radiology department or even labor and delivery.Most nurses around the country can attest to the importance of staying in shape.Many say it’s about far more than just keeping their figures, it’s the perfect solution for work related stress, especially for those who deal with the tragic side of human nature.

Bottom line, the nursing profession is one of the most important in our society.As uncertainties loom in terms of the country’s health care situation, our nurses are the ones who consistently step up to the plate, regardless of the political waters they’re surrounded by.For that, and many more reasons, it’s important we not forget the importance of these men and women in our sometimes daily lives.

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Finding (or Posting) Short-Term Hospital SLP Jobs on

If you have a background in hospital SLP, and are looking for work, you may have difficulty finding it. However, there are some avenues you may not have thought of when it comes to finding work on at least a temporary basis in regard to hospital SLP jobs. That is, you can often work from home with hospital SLP jobs; although these won’t be on a one-to-one basis, you can often do auxiliary or support work related to SLP while you search for full-time employment, and you can do so from home. is one place you can look for hospital SLP jobs — and you can post appropriate hospital SLP jobs on, too, as long as the tasks you post are short-term and finite. By posting on, you can find “”Solvers,”" or experts in this type of work, and you can usually do so much more cheaply than a hiring somebody “”in person”" on what is even a temporary basis.

If you’re someone with expertise in hospital SLP jobs, can be a great way to keep your resume up-to-date, and earn some money on the side while you look for full-time work. In some cases, you may need to be local so that you can actually go in to do a hospital SLP jobs, but in many cases, the support work you do can be done entirely off-site.

How do you get started?

To get started in posting hospital SLP jobs that can be done on a freelance basis, simply go to, sign up as a “”Seeker,”" and post your job. Note time it needs to be done in, in that there will be generally an allotted turnaround time.

If you are someone looking for hospital SLP jobs, sign in as a “”Solver,”" and then look for requisite jobs in your area of expertise. Again, these tasks are gently short-term, so that you can pick up one assignment, completed, and then decide whether or not you want to pick up another. You never have to negatively impede your schedule with jobs that may be more than you want to do “”in your spare time,”" or while you’re looking for work.

Whether you are a Solver or Seeker, can give you the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it — without hiring expensive full-time employment or committing to a full-time job that may not be everything you want. Instead, simply allow yourself to earn “”a little extra”" as a freelancer, or to post hospital SLP jobs to be done on a short-term basis without having to worry about the extra expense or costs of hiring someone full or part-time.

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The Legalities of Prayer on the Street

In early August, a Chicago grad student was arrested for disorderly conduct for standing on a public sidewalk and praying. The Northwestern University student says he held a rosary outside a Planned Parenthood facility in early July when police approached him and told him a new ordinance had been passed and because he’d disregarded it, they were placing him under arrest. Joseph Holland says he did not know the new law even existed. Whether or not he was aware of it, A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder says the law is clear. The “Bubble Zone” ordinance states a person cannot approach another person uninvited with the goal of “passing a leaflet or handbill to, displaying a sign to or engaging in oral protest, education or counseling” within 50 feet of any health care facility.

Holland insists he was quietly praying with his rosary when one of the Planned Parenthood volunteers approached him and began yelling at him. He and his attorney claim the building itself does not have a bubble and in fact, the volunteer was not in compliance with the ordinance. He may have a case, say many legal experts. The founder agrees. “It’s an uncomfortable quagmire because in this country, we hold dear the right to worship and pray as we choose”. If it’s true the young man was quietly praying and in essence minding his own business, it’s likely going to feel more than a little uncomfortable for someone to tell him he can’t do so. Still, and until those important details are determined, this is going to be a case that’s watched around the country.

He also says he never voiced a word to any passersby, volunteers with Planned Parenthood or even the worker who approached him and began yelling. He says his efforts to explain to the responding officer went unnoticed. “I tried to talk to the officer first and explain that the building doesn’t have an eight foot bubble and that I did not talk to anyone…I’m praying to God, not talking to people…basically, he said me praying was a type of approaching people and violated the bubble zone ordinance”.

Police insist Holland “stood within an inch of the victim, prayed out loud at a high volume for more than ten minutes” and was arrested for blocking the entrance and not, as Holland says, praying quietly.

So what does this mean for protesters? A new trend or a fleeting attempt to protect all citizens, even when they vehemently disagree? A. Harrison Barnes says there are no easy answers, but that the police have a duty to arrest anyone who violates any laws or ordinances. The law is quite definitive in these situations, after all.  With many law school graduates entering sectors that allow the to work with constitutional rights, this one’s definitely going to get a lot of attention.

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The Law and the Golf Course (or Tennis Courts)

It sometimes feels as though the biggest legal deals are struck not in a stuffy conference room, but instead, on the golf greens or the tennis courts. Attorney and founder A. Harrison Barnes says it’s because the law profession requires aggression and there are times when the dynamics provided via these outlets is conducive for striking those legal goldmines that merge companies, make billions in profits or settle disputes in divorce settlements.

But what about those who have no clue as to what “on par” or “twenty love” means and really have no interest in knowing? Men and women who are in the legal sector know all too well the feelings of being left out when they have no desire to discuss business between the holes on the golf courses. It can be difficult, says Barnes, but with a bit of planning, you don’t have to miss out entirely. When possible, you can sometimes suggest lunch at the country club before a tennis match is even suggested, thereby eliminating the possibility in its entirety, at least for that particular day. This will allow you to be a part of the conversations while also providing that relaxed atmosphere the golf greens offer.

Remember, too, that the environment in the great outdoors offers the perfect networking atmosphere for many and it’s not so much the game itself, but the escape from the office.  Is there a reason you’re not interested in learning golf or tennis? If you’re holding out because you’re making a statement, you might only be limiting yourself in the long run. Of course, no one should feel as though they “have” to do something and certainly when that “something” isn’t part of their job description; but you might be surprised to learn you actually enjoy the game if you give it a fair shot. Ask your husband or wife or even a colleague for a few pointers or better still, enroll in a few classes. Worse case scenario, if you hate it, you’re not obligated to continue.

If you’re certain there’s no place for you on the golf course or tennis court, but you need to be a part of the informal meeting, suggest meeting for a drink later in the afternoon or maybe even an early dinner. This works well if you’re meeting at a member’s only club and the client and your fellow attorneys are able to freshen up first. This way, you can get a quick rundown of anything you might have missed while also presenting your own thoughts or solutions.

Keep in mind, too, that not as much gets done on the greens as many believe, which should serve as a consolation to the non-golfers. Often, it’s nothing more than a quick escape with a fellow golfer. It’s great for breaking the ice and of course, for networking. If you’re an intricate part of the legal team, the founder says that not much will be decided without your input anyway.

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Improve Your Work Day

Not everyone has the luxury of working from home, even if it appears the trend is on the rise. The vast majority of Americans are still hitting the carpool lanes and walking past the anything but pleasant receptionist each morning. They’re also still dealing with the frustrations, the weird IT gal on the third floor and the pesky intern who’s favorite line is, “hey…got a sec?” even when he knows you don’t. Ah…rest easy, though. You can improve your surroundings at the office that will make those eight hours a bit brighter. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, offers these tips.

  • Find a really cool mouse for your computer or splurge on some new art for your office walls. Bring in a few plants (be sure they’re easy to maintain, though…you don’t need the distraction of a dying plant – we recommend an African violet – they thrive on ultraviolet lighting). Anything to make your space more “your space” will go a long way in concentration and your efforts of zoning the coworkers out.
  • Resist the urge to plunder the goings-on with Facebook and new emails. It’s easy – too easy since penning this article has now gone into the second hour (it’s that pesky Facebook addiction)- to click a link, then another and then another. Next thing you know, you’re checking out the latest fashion trends in Liechtenstein, you’ve missed your deadline and the boss is considering sending out the National Guard to search for the MIA employee. The distraction, while great, does nothing in your efforts of improving your work day.
  • If you have to skip lunch, don’t skip the whole hour. None of us are exempt from the occasional lunch hour lost to a last minute meeting, says A. Harrison Barnes. Still, you will always feel a bit more energized if you step outside the confines of your office – even if it’s just a walk outside around the parameter of the building – and catch your breath.
  • Retrain your boss when possible. This, says the founder, can be a little tricky. If you’ve spoiled your boss to the point that he hits “send” on an email then waits a few second for your reply to come right back (give thanks to the BlackBerry and the iPhone), this means you’re directing at least part of your attention to the yellow envelope that pops up in your desk tray or on your smartphone. Instead of replying right back (unless that’s not feasible, of course), wait ten minutes. Then stretch it to twenty and before you know it, you’re only checking email twice before and twice after lunch. This frees you up so that you can focus at the tasks on hand with no guilt about not responding to the email from the head honcho that announces next week’s staff meeting has been changed to the other conference room.
  • Give in to your restlessness. How many times have you been so restless that it’s all you can do to stay in your ergonomically correct chair? Too many to count, right? Instead of telling yourself that you’ll move around “as soon as I finish the paragraph” or “as soon as I run these numbers”, deal with the distracting restlessness you’re feeing. “Distracting” is the operative word here. A few minutes away and you return more focused and less distracted – which is always important when crunching numbers.

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